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ScoutWin was founded with the idea to connect players with scouts all over the globe. Having a successful 10-years-long football career which was unfortunately ended due to an injury, we have noticed that there is a discrepancy between the possibilities and wishes in the real world. What happens is that great, hardworking players often do not have the chance to show their talent in front of big scouts so they happen to end up in smaller clubs instead of showing their aptitude on stadiums in front of more than 80,000 spectators.

ScoutWin jumps into the game and helps promising players to be found by scouts who share their dreams of playing big games. From now on, your future is just a few clicks away

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How ScoutWin works


Players submit their bio and ScoutWin displays it for only 29€/year. 1.

Scouts browse our website and search for players. 2.


When they find you, they can see your bio, position, height, the foot you play with, when your contract expires, etc. 3.

Scouts contact players. 4.


The players will sign up a contract with much better club. 5.

Submit your bio

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