ScoutWin today found a new club for 45 players.

Scouts hired 16 players from Germany, 16 from Belgium, 7 from Romania, 4 from Norway, 3 form Poland, 4 from Serbia and 3 players from other countries

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It’s not just any scouts. Our platform gathers respected professionals from all over the world and makes sure they find the exact profile of players they are looking for. Each scout is here to do business.

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It’s fast, easy and simple to create a powerful profile for a player that is guaranteed to attract the right kind of attention. Showcase your players’ greatest strengths and put their achievements in the spotlight.

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The platform has an internal messaging system that allows you to send private messages to both scouts and players of your choice. Keep in touch with professionals or prospects no matter where they are.

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In order to make finding the perfect fit as simple as possible, scouts are notified about new player profiles that match their criteria. That way, we make sure everyone gets their chance at fast and quality matching.

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Finding and nurturing talented football players is a demanding but highly rewarding task. Any experienced manager can agree with that. So why not make your job easier by placing your talent on the digital field where they can be seen by scouts and coaches from all over the world?

We all know a talented and highly skilled player can easily be left in the dark for years and he might never achieve true success just because he wasn’t noticed by the right people in the right moment.
Let’s prevent that from happening. The solution is just a few clicks away.

Fill in your players’ profiles, submit them to the talent base and wait for the offers to start pouring in.

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Find the right match for up to 100 players for just $8.25/month

Find the right match for up to 100 players for just $8.25/month

Our mission is to help talented football players to make their dreams come true and build their careers properly. So, we seem to have a common goal. That’s why we wanted the ScoutWin platform to be available to anyone who wants to use it.

This is the opportunity to fully harness the immense strength of The Internet and the digital era – it finally doesn’t matter where you are, there are no boundaries in what you’re doing. No matter where you live, you can easily “travel” to distant places and talk to people who are thousands of miles away.

So why not use that huge power we were given to make magic happen in the world of football?

How ScoutWin works


Managers submit their players’ profiles 1.

Scouts browse our website searching for the right players 2.


Scouts can see each player’s bio, position, height, the foot they play with and other important data they need 3.

Scouts can contact you directly 4.


Congratulations! You are matched! 5.

Currently 34 scouts exchange private messages with 172 players

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