ScoutWin today found a new club for 45 players.

Scouts hired 16 players from Germany, 16 from Belgium, 7 from Romania, 4 from Norway, 3 form Poland, 4 from Serbia and 3 players from other countries

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Imagine that you are playing the game of your life. With thousands of scouts searching for talented players. And you are in the starting lineup, being able to show them all you can do and have trained for for years. How would you like that? Do you know how much time you have spent on preparing for D-day – when you show your talent to people who can move your career to the next level?

Imagine ScoutWin as a life-changing football field, with coaches, managers and scouts looking for talents in Europe and all over the world, sitting and watching you play football. Now ask yourself: Do you want to play on the field called ScoutWin or not?

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Our mission is to help talented football players to make their dreams come true and build their careers properly. In the same vein, we wanted our services to be completely free; however, we have decided to charge a small fee as a means of securing our website from undesirable advertising and misuse.

During your football career, you have probably realized that the only thing that matters is what you can do and show in the right place, at the right time. No matter you talents, if the scouts who search for players for famous clubs cannot see you – you practically do not exist in the football (soccer) world.

Years of hard work, dedication and denying yourself pleasures practically do not mean a thing if the person who can change your life and hire you and move your career to another level cannot see you.

No matter the city or country you live in and play, you need to know that ScoutWin will always be close to those who want you in the field. Take five minutes and submit your bio to ScoutWin service.

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Players submit their bio and ScoutWin displays it for only 29€/year. 1.

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When they find you, they can see your bio, position, height, the foot you play with, when your contract expires, etc. 3.

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The players will sign up a contract with much better club. 5.

Currently 34 scouts exchange private messages with 172 players

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All these scouts that are currently on the website, and thousands of other who visit us every day, can see you and hire you to play for a better club. Tell them who you are!

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