ScoutWin today found a new club for 45 players.

Scouts hired 16 players from Germany, 16 from Belgium, 7 from Romania, 4 from Norway, 3 form Poland, 4 from Serbia and 3 players from other countries

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Football players of the world, unite!

Football players of the world, from all continents and from all countries have decided to present their skills on our website. We have translated whole chunks of data from our website into 10 major world languages and our marketing campaign is strictly focused on those countries. We are an international company and we strive for becoming a global brand, synonymous for football talent search and check.

ScoutWin saves scouts time & money

Our goal is to help all football scouts save time they would otherwise spend on visiting dozens of football matches and fields on a monthly level, searching for talents they want to hire. Our services allow scouts to first browse footballers’ characteristics, and then check how good they play in videos and on their profile pages, and then, if they seem fit, scouts can go out and see how they actually play in the field.

Monitor everything on ScoutWin while on the move

Our Android and iOS app allows you to browse players and get information while on the move, directly on a football match or after it has ended. By following all the modern technologies, we have developed this application to help you get information about the players you want to see no matter where you are.

The most useful website for football scouts

Football scouts of the world are now all in one place – ScoutWin app. We are the first and only company which offers this service on a global level. We focus on speedy and simple filtration, on browsing player characteristics, on simple profile view, video and graphic (photo) material, as well as on direct contact between scouts and footballers. ScoutWin saves your time and money.

The best player search filter

ScoutWin is the only website where you can search for videos of players’ best moves. Surely the biggest video search engine – YouTube – has a lot of these videos, but there you need to type a player’s name first and then find the moves.

But what happens if you want to find videos of players who play on a specific position and come from a certain country? For example, if you want to watch left-back players from Hungary, there is no other website to browse and filter these characteristics. ScoutWin is footballers’ search engine.

Within only 10 seconds you will be able to browse footballers with certain characteristics in just a few clicks. You can search for players according to their age, position, team or home country, even height and weight. You can also specify if you want left- or right-footed players and find whose contracts expire within a certain time period.

Direct contact with players

Every footballer in the world is now just a few clicks away from you. No matter what country you come from or where they live, ScoutWin will bridge the gap and connect you. When you find the right player in the search engine and see his Player Profile, you can contact him directly very easily – by pressing CONTACT PLAYER NOW button and giving him an offer, suggestions or advice. There is no need to call countless phone numbers and ask around where to find a good player – because they are now all on ScoutWin, just a click away.

Currently 34 scouts exchange private messages with 172 players

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